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Virginia is a historical brand born in 1860, a synonym of quality and refinement in the art of making desserts and pastries. Classic Soft Amaretti is a delicate and chewy cookie, sometimes referred to as an Italian macaroon. It is completely flour less as it is made of blanched almonds, egg whites, sugar and almond extract. It is double wrapped, first in clear film, then in colourful confectioner’s waxed paper. A friend who recently visited The Pope in Vatican City, mentioned that he enjoyed coffee and these same amaretti from Virginia while they were there.

Continental Biscuits a la Carte by Lion


Lion biscuits specialise in wrapping a huge range of European biscuits – including some British ones! Each chosen for quality and to be perfect as a bite size nibble. Lion pride themselves in producing the highest class wrappers. Each biscuit is individually wrapped to unsure a fresh taste. This means they are perfect in a variety of hospitality and catering positions including show rooms, salons, cafes, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms and anywhere where you need a high quality offering. These little biscuits say thank you in a way that reflects the quality of the establishment. They help waiting customers remain patient and meetings more enjoyable. In cafes and restaurants they ensure customers feel looked after. Not large enough to disrupt appetite but enough to say thank you!


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