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Teahouse Exclusives

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These are teas for the true connoisseur who adores tea but loves the convenience of a bag or pouch. They are the most delightful teas we have ever laid our eyes on. Like all our teas the ranges are being extended and Teahouse Exclusives also offer loose teas and tins. If you want to special order or get information on what is available please contact us. Teahouse Exclusives currently offer 2 ranges;

The Gourmet Selection - this is the smaller bag of the 2 ranges offering a seemingly standard looking string and tag bag individually wrapped and containing 2g of tea. The leaf is not as large as the Luxury (the other range) but this means a faster brew. The quality is delicious and memorable. Each bag makes a normal size drink. The individual wrapper ensures freshness of aroma and flavour!

The Luxury Selection - is just that little bit special. Every time you open the individual sachets you will feel you are being truly treated. Each delightful pouch contains a remarkable 3.5g's - the pouches are biodegradable and cotton stitched to make a really beautiful pouch. The tea and ingredients are selected for beauty, flavour and aroma. You could not be disappointed! They can make a single cup but the 3.5g pouch will be enough to brew 16 fl.oz (2 mugs or a small pot!). We recommend using tea glasses or a pot that you can see through. These are beautiful. Once tasted never forgotten. Even opening the individual wrap will make you appreciate the quality!

Please note images are for example purposes only and for serving suggestions. All tea is supplied in individually wrapped foils and where indicated will be without a box. Please check the description for more advice.

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