Coffee Flavourings, Syrups, Sauces and Supplies For Sale

Adding flavours and sauces to coffee is a wonderful way to give your home drinking a tasty twist! Use sauces and syrups to add flavour or to simply add a fun design to your drinks. Many of these wonderful flavours are also delicious as cocktail syrups from renowned suppliers such as Routin 1883 syrups.

The five most popular flavourings for coffee at the moment are:


Coffee flavoured chocolates have always been favourites and are featured in most selection boxes. Adding chocolate flavouring to a coffee has become one of our favourite ways to customise our coffees.


Is there anything that doesn't go well with vanilla? We don't think so! This flavouring has been a favourite in coffee shops and is increasingly on the shopping list for households.


A little something to sweeten your coffee? Caramel is a delicious flavouring if you have a sweet tooth and is one of the most common flavours for coffee.


Another flavouring that works extremely well with coffee. Instead of adding a mint with your coffee, why not add the flavouring directly to your beverage?!


The gorgeous rounded flavour of nut works really well in many beverages. Lattes work particularly well with a hint of hazelnut.


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