Collection for Repairs and Warranty Repairs for the Blender

Brand: UCD
Product Code: TBSEBcollect
Availability: Stock Item
£20.00 + VAT

Collection for UK mainland based repairs and warranty repairs. For any repairs beyond our collection area please contact us. The warranty is only valid for the UK mainland. Units must be in original box or similar and sealed. Damages in transit due to poor packaging are not covered by the warranty. Please ensure your 'delivery address' is input correctly as this will be where we arrange collection from. Any restricted hours or access should be noted. Please email us with details of the fault and enclose the same details with your return address in the box. Please note you can also have your unit repaired this way. Once received you will be sent a quote for any repairs, parts and the return delivery. Do not return the jug or hood - please remove and keep - these are not covered on the warranty and are not covered if damaged on the return. Spare jugs, non-warranty parts and hoods are sold separately subject to stock availability.

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