Alchemy Maho Matcha 750ml bottle

Brand: Alchemy Elixirs
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Maho Matcha - 750ml CURRENT STOCK BEST BEFORE 23/01/2021

Our Maho Matcha Elixir is an authentic blend of 100% pure, premium Japanese Matcha from growers in the ancient prefecture of Kyoto, Shizuoka where Mt. Fuji stands and Mie regions. 

Our Elixir has a high tea content to give flavour, mouth feel, colour and substance. Best of all, as with all our Elixirs, this product is gluten free, dairy free, vegan, GMO free and made in Australia from only premium local and imported ingredients.  

Use 15ml to 200ml of milk or a milk alternative - serve hot or ice cold

Our next shipment of Alchemy is delayed due to Covid meaning there are less ships on the water. It is very likely to arrive in February. Please excuse this gap in stocks. If you would like us to contact you when stock arrives please contact us. 

Sorry for this inconvenience. 

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